Y1 Scheme of Work

Sigma Science’s Y1 Scheme of Work is a structured plan designed for successful science teaching in primary schools. It outlines the content and sequence of topics, promoting engaging teaching methodologies to foster scientific inquiry and thinking among pupils.
Key components include:
1. Curriculum Alignment: Ensuring alignment with national or regional standards for primary science education.
2. Scope and Sequence: Breaking down the curriculum into manageable units, organized logically based on concept complexity.
3. Learning Objectives: Clearly stating specific outcomes for each unit or lesson.
4. Teaching Strategies and Activities: Involving experiments, demonstrations, discussions, presentations, and hands-on activities.
5. Differentiation and Inclusion: Addressing diverse learning needs, including those with special educational needs, to promote inclusivity.
6. Continuity and Progression: Ensuring learning builds on prior knowledge, preparing students for advanced concepts.
Sigma Science’s scheme serves as a roadmap for teachers, facilitating effective planning, delivery, and assessment of science education. It promotes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and scientific literacy among primary school students.

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Sigma Science – Year 1