Y3 Growing Healthy Cress Plants

Pupils discuss with a partner/group what they think cress seeds need to help them to start growing. Pupils plant cress seeds into a range of plant pots, each of which are different and have different growing mediums and conditions. Pupils make predictions saying what they think will happen in each of the pots. Pupils record their results and measure the height of any observable plant growth. These results are placed into a graph and conclusions drawn.

Learning Objectives:

  • PoS - explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant
  • WS - pupils should ask relevant questions and use different types of scientific enquiries to answer them; record findings using simple scientific language, drawings, labelled diagrams, keys, bar charts, and tables; use straightforward scientific evidence to answer questions or to support their findings

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