SIGMA SCIENCE – all you need for teaching Primary Science

March 31st 2020

SIGMA SCIENCE can support your science teaching with a wealth of primary science resources.

From as little as £40, Sigma Science Primary Science Resources will provide you with all the science resources you need to teach your class for a year.
All the units of the National Curriculum for science are covered: including Seasonal Changes and Everyday Materials in Year 1, Animals Including Humans and States of Matter in Year 4, Evolution & Inheritance and Electricity in Year 6. Each unit gives you a variety of approaches to each aspect covered, giving you the flexibility you need to engage all your pupils in your science lessons.

Sigma Science can also provide you with a series of assessments to test your children’s knowledge and understanding of science. From Year 1 through to Year 6, every unit can be assessed, and you can even purchase a set of specialist Year 6 assessments based on Biology, Chemistry and Physics as in the Biennial Science Sampling Tests for Key Stage 2.

You can find out more about the wealth of science resources available through Sigma Science here.