January 30th 2020

The following information about the Biennial Science Sampling Tests for KS2 has been taken from the Government website here

…The biennial science sampling tests will take place in June 2020. The tests will be administered in selected schools by external administrators. STA will notify selected schools on Monday 27 April. The tests will not be taken by whole cohorts. Instead, a representative sample of approximately 9,500 pupils will be randomly selected, based on 5 pupils from 1,900 schools. In addition, of the 1,900 schools selected, a further sample will be selected to participate in the pre-test trialling of the 2022 science sampling tests. Five additional pupils from each school will take these tests. Schools that are selected have a statutory obligation to participate. The science sampling tests cover the aspects of the science curriculum that lend themselves to paper-based, externally marked testing. A sample of the test materials is available, although there is no expectation that pupils prepare for the test.

Test administration Pupils will take the tests within a 2-week period from Monday 8 June. The tests will consist of 3 papers. Each paper will take no longer than 25 minutes to complete. The tests will be administered by external administrators. They will provide the test materials, administer the tests to the selected pupils and then take away the completed test scripts for marking. They are responsible for the security of the test materials throughout the test period. Schools will not have access to test papers after their administration. Science sampling tests will not be subject to monitoring visits and will not need support from LAs. Schools are expected to provide appropriate staff to support the external administrator during the administration of the tests. The external administrator will notify the school of the pupils that have been included in the sample 5 school days before the school’s agreed test date.

Sigma Science has Y6 sample test materials available, which can be found here.