Hands on experience for your class PLUS FREE RESOURCES

March 07th 2017

Have you ever thought about hatching live chicks in school? Have you ever thought what a great experience it would be for your class to see chicks hatching and growing before their eyes? It is possible, as there are companies who will provide you with all the equipment you would need: incubators, brooders, feed and the eggs, which should hatch within three days.

Sigma Science gives you FREE resources to use while the eggs are hatching and the chicks are growing. The resources  cover many aspects of the National Curriculum for Science from Y1 through to Y6 covering Working Scientifically, Animals Including Humans and Living Things and their Habitat. Aspects covered include:

  • Making careful observations
  • Taking measurements with increasing accuracy
  • Gathering and recording data
  • Recording findings in scientific diagrams, bar charts and tables etc.
  • Identifying and naming birds and mammals
  • Describing the structure of common animals
  • Constructing and interpreting food chains
  • Animals and their skeletons
  • Using classification keys
  • Animals grow into adults
  • The basic needs of animals for survival

All this plus the children get hands-on experience of animal welfare and above all have some fun!

Over twenty free resources are available plus a handy guide to care and husbandry. Download your FREE resources here.