March 21st 2017

Resources for the Y6 unit ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ AVAILABLE NOW! For as little as £40 you can have these primary science resources, plus many more associated with the unit.

New resources include:

  • biographies of Charles Darwin, Mary Anning and Alfred Wallace – enabling your pupils to find out about the work of palaeontologists such as Mary Anning and about how Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace developed their ideas on evolution;
  • a resource to compare the biographies of Darwin, Anning and Wallace; pupils summarise the similarities and differences between the three scientists, thinking about their upbringing, their education, their explorations, their contributions to science, their fame; they explore how Mary Anning influenced the theories of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace; enables pupils to explain what ‘natural selection’ or ‘survival of the fittest’ means;
  • a new resource on the evolution of the cuckoo and the reed warbler and how their relationship adheres to Darwin’s and Wallace’s theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’;
  • a fossil board game, which will help your pupils understand how precarious the development of fossils really is.