January 04th 2016

Sign up now to see new resources for the PROPERTIES & CHANGES OF MATERIALS and ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS topics for the Year 5 Science Programme of Study. They include:

  • GROUPING OBJECTS – OPAQUE, TRANSLUCENT OR TRANSPARENT? – children group images according to their level of transparency. They then make a window display using materials which demonstrate whether those materials are transparent, translucent or opaque.
  • CHANGES MADE BY MELTING AND FREEZING – children investigate reversible changes by looking at a variety of common foods and liquids going through the processes of melting and freezing.
  • MATERIAL PROPERTIES – children are given a selection of materials and a torch. They devise their own investigation, making predictions and ensuring they conduct a fair test.
  • PUBERTY CARDS – children are given a series of images with statements which define the different kinds of changes which occur during puberty (including physical and emotional). They are asked to sort these images into four different groups, rearranging them each time and discussing their choices with their partner.

Plus many more!